All-inclusive Cancer Care

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Cancer CareWhen given a cancer diagnosis, the more options you have, the better your chances are of beating it. Wellington Regional Medical Center strives to bring patients choices, through the accuracy of technology and the skill of specialized physicians. The latest development is a collaboration between Wellington Regional Medical Center and South Florida Radiation Oncology (SFRO), which has more than a dozen offices throughout Palm Beach County. The addition of SFRO’s staff and highly specialized cancer treatment services makes WRMC one of the most comprehensive cancer centers in the state.

Kishore Dass“Working together lets us take advantage of all the technology available today in radiation therapy,” says Kishore Dass, MD, a radiation oncologist and Oncology Medical Director at Wellington Regional Medical Center. “Plus, with the number of doctors involved, and their range of specialties and experience, we’re able to give patients the advantage of numerous alternatives in treatment.”

Andrew O LearyPartner Andrew O’Leary, DO, radiation oncologist, emphasizes that having more treatment options means therapy can become considerably more individual. “Our multi-disciplinary, targeted approach lets us find the best technology for each specific cancer, and the best treatment for each patient,” says Dr. O’Leary.

He adds that the size of the combined group offers other advantages. Patients now see a full-time dietician and can take part in cancer care associations with which the two centers are affiliated. “For relaxation, we have a tai chi class for patients,” says Dr. O’Leary, who says he likes to finish each consultation by thanking the patient for the opportunity to provide compassionate oncologic care.

Providing even more compassionate support, an oncology nurse navigator is ready to help patients in a variety of ways — from making appointments and getting records together to explaining terms and simply lending an ear.

Sandy Marits“I help navigate the process, and take care of anything someone may need,” says Sandy Marits, RN, who sees every patient in the hospital with cancer or is actively undergoing chemotherapy. She brings information and empathy, having survived breast cancer herself 23 years ago.

“I understand the emotions you go through, and the fear of the unknown,” she says. “I’m glad I’m able to be there, for as long as people need emotional support, I hope to make that difference for patients and their families.”


What to do when diagnosed with cancer

Get the details

Find out the name, size and location of the cancer, where it started, and if it’s considered slow growing or aggressive. Ask what treatment options you have, as well as the success rate and side effects of each.

Don’t go alone

Regardless of the type of cancer you have, consult an oncologist and take someone with you. It will be difficult for you to retain information during this emotional time.

Understand treatment goals

Treatment can minimize symptoms and extend survival, prevent disease recurrence or cure your cancer. Knowing the original goal of treatment can help keep expectations realistic.

Source: Mayo Clinic

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South Florida Radiation Oncology provides advanced technology to deliver radiation treatment for cancer and is now collaborating with Wellington Regional Medical Center to offer personalized, compassionate cancer care on an outpatient basis. For information, call 561-793-6500.

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