Health News Magazine January 2020

Health News Magazine Winter 2020 (January)

Health News from Wellington Regional Medical Center is a publication designed to bring you the latest news, as well as health and wellness information you can use throughout the year.

In This Issue:
Marybel Coleman
Winter 2020 (January)

Active, fit and diagnosed with a heart attack?

It can be so easy to ignore the symptoms. After all, Marybel Coleman was the most active she had ever been in her life and had no risk factors when she felt that first twinge of pain in her chest.
Kyle Carter
Winter 2020 (January)

Phenomenal ER care close to home

When the Carter family needed help for a sudden medical problem, the new ER at Westlake made it easy.
Dr. Minnick poses with Cindi Johnson
Winter 2020 (January)

Overcoming the unexpected with help from her wound care "family"

It was a simple MRI to determine the cause of pain in Cindy Johnson’s left shoulder. No big deal; this was not Johnson’s first experience with an MRI or healthcare services.
Winter 2020 (January)

Could this be a stroke?

It can be scary to think you might be having a possible stroke, but getting treatment right away is critical in order to have the best possible outcome.
Dr. Brandt Delhamer, CEO Pam Tahan, Gary Swedenborg, and Raymond Mitchell Jr.
Winter 2020 (January)

Heroes among us

When Raymond Mitchell Jr. went out for dinner at Flanigan’s® one night, he had no idea that the man seated just steps away would help save his life.