Specialty Weight Management Treatment Without Surgery

Weight Management Center, Wellington Regional Medical Center, Wellington, FL

If you're overweight with a BMI over 25, there is a non-surgical weight-loss management program available at The Weight Management Center at Wellington Regional Medical Center. The center offers personalized, extended weight-loss and wellness programs to help you continue on your journey.

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The Weight Management Center offers two separate programs to meet your individual needs.

Behavior and Lifestyle Program

This four-week program is a physician-directed weight loss program for individuals who are self-motivated. It includes:

  • Physician face-to-face appointments to personalize your program and review your progress
  • Initial consultation with a health coach who will help navigate you through your program
  • Overall health evaluation
  • A customized weight loss program that may include follow up appointments with a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist/fitness instructor, or a health psychologist
  • 30-day fitness membership at a local facility

This unique program focuses on:

  • Stress management
  • Coping skills
  • Exercise readiness
  • Problem solving
  • Relapse prevention

Weight and Wellness Program

This 12-week specialized program offers structure and continuous reinforcement to help you succeed. In addition to the services offered in the Behavior and Lifestyle Program, you can expect:

  • A comprehensive wellness orientation and assessment
  • Meet all members of our wellness team, including a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist/fitness instructor and a health psychologist
  • Follow up meetings with your wellness team as determined by your specific needs and the results of your initial assessment

This program includes:

  • Personalized fitness plan
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Mental health counseling
  • Nutritional counseling with a registered dietitian
  • Monthly follow up sessions
  • Cooking classes

Post-Bariatric Surgery Program

We offer individualized programs for post-bariatric surgery patients.

Additional Services

To compliment your individualized program, you and your health coach may discuss the following optional services:

  • Metabolic testing to determine the calories or energy your body uses each day without activity
  • Meal replacement therapy
  • Pharmacotherapy

Support Groups and Meetings

We also offer support groups and informational meetings for those interested in learning more about weight management options.

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