From the Desk of CEO Pam Tahan

May 6, 2021

Wellington Regional CEO Pam TahanThis week we celebrate nurses and hospitals across America. Our nation is slowly recovering from the most challenging year of our lives. COVID has disrupted our businesses, schools and economy. Our abnormal new normal is a nightmare that we are just waking from. However, through the most turbulent of times, society has relied on hospitals and nurses to lift us up during our most dire moment; and did they ever come through for us!

Nurses and healthcare workers worked tirelessly, being forced to work extra shifts and heroically caring for the onslaught of COVID patients that threatened to overrun our hospital system. They did so with bravery and regard for the lives of others, before their own. They saved tens of thousands of Americans and comforted the families of those who couldn’t be saved. Nurses and hospitals honor us every day through their bravery and selflessness. This week we stand together and honor our heroes for their dedication and sacrifice. Wishing a very happy Hospital and Nurses Week to our heroes!

Pam Tahan, CEO
Wellington Regional Medical Center