Local Couple Welcomes Baby Girl Thanks to the Care of Her Delivery Team

April 16, 2024

Suki and Ben O'Connor holding their daughterIt’s not every day that a baby gets named after hospital staff, but that’s what happened when baby girl Maeling Calex O’Connor was brought into this world on February 3.

Honoring staff

Parents Suki and Ben O’Connor had such a wonderful experience at Wellington Regional Medical Center’s Birthing Center, that they honored the labor and delivery nurse, Cat Closi, and nurse anesthesiologist Alexandria Harris, by combining parts of their names to create the baby’s middle name.

In good hands

Suki had a scheduled induction, but ended up staying in the hospital for five days. It was a slow start, and ramping up for labor took two days,” she said. “My husband and I exhausted every ounce of energy we had just to get things up and going.”

Once her body started to slowly respond, Suki was in a lot of pain, but her nurse, Medley St. Martin, took great care of her. Closi and Harris had a big part to play during labor. “Cat was so patient, explaining the process and making me feel so comfortable about what would be coming next and supporting me every step of the way. When her shift was almost over, I was ready to push and she guided me through. Maeling was born in 15 minutes. She ended up have to stay way longer than her shift!”

Due to some blood loss, Suki had to have a procedure done. That’s where Alexandria’s quick action came into play. “Alexandria has an eye for detail and noticed I had an allergic reaction while under anesthesia.  She was quick to react and stop whatever was giving me the reaction.”

A positive experience

Overall, the entire crew, doctors, nurses and anesthesia team did a phenomenal job with her birthing experience. “The nurses and doctors at Wellington Regional provide top quality care,” added Ben. “The nurses and doctors did an outstanding job communicating during labor. Even in the most chaotic moments, Cat took the time to make me understand what was happening. I knew my wife was in good hands. 

About the Birthing Center

The Birthing Center at Wellington Regional Medical Center provides comprehensive care for women and infants in a family-focused environment. Dedicated physicians, neonatologists, nurses and other staff members employ a team approach that helps ensure every mother and baby gets the individualized care they need.

The Birthing Center offers a wide range of special features and amenities, including:

  • 18 labor and delivery rooms
  • OB/ED triage
  • Two operating rooms and a post-anesthesia care unit (PACU)
  • 27-room postpartum unit
  • 25-bed Level III neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with private family waiting areas
  • Board-certified lactation consultants