From the Desk of CEO Pam Tahan

April 1, 2021

Wellington Regional CEO Pam Tahan

It is with great pride each time we nominate deserving nurses for the prestigious DAISY Award. The award honors nurses for providing above-and-beyond compassionate care to their patients. It’s even more gratifying when a patient, unsolicited, commends our staff for their professionalism and grace. Nurses are the backbone of the healthcare system. While our world was being torn apart by COVID, it was the nurses who held us together.

A former patient, influenced by her recent experience, composed a letter praising Samantha Flack, RN. She wrote, “Samantha is all that EVERY nurse should strive to be and ALL that every CNO (Chief Nursing Officer) should strive to hire.” After sharing the letter across nursing leadership, Samantha was named the hospital’s second quarter winner of the DAISY Award. We’d like to congratulate Samantha and all the nurses at Wellington Regional Medical Center for providing leadership and excellence during times of greatest need and vulnerability.

Pam Tahan, CEO
Wellington Regional Medical Center