From the Desk of CEO Pam Tahan

March 24, 2021

Wellington Regional CEO Pam Tahan. "Our Community Inspires Us During COVID" - Blog.

Much has rightfully been reported on the bravery of our healthcare heroes who every day, selflessly put their own lives on the line to treat COVID patients. I marvel at the doctors, nurses, first responders and hospital staff who, without excuses, arrive at the hospital each day with the goal of saving lives.

Less reported is the remarkable support from the community who deliver meals to staff, send countless cards and well wishes that add fuel to the most exhausted healthcare workers. These acts of kindness inspire our team, especially during the days and nights when it would be easier to give up than to push forward.

Last week, twins Arthur and Jasper Hu-Manning, both 13 years old, surprised our staff by raising money for meals for the frontline healthcare workers at Wellington Regional as their Bar Mitzvah project. I consider all our employees at Wellington Regional heroes, and that number has definitely grown by two more.

Pam Tahan, CEO
Wellington Regional Medical Center